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One of the newer features in EVE Online is Asset Safety. Released alongside the Upwell structures, it helps solve one of the biggest problems with living in null sec. In player sovereignty space, alliances own most structures. That means that in order to dock at such a structure, its owners must grant you docking permissions.

But what happens if you stop playing for a while and your corporation kicks you out? What happens if you take a month off and return to find your alliance has moved? What if you come back and find that someone has destroyed the citadel you once called home? In these situations, asset safety has you covered.

What is Asset Safety?

Asset safety guarantees that nobody can destroy your docked assets. It is important to note that this only applies to Upwell structures: Citadels and Engineering Complexes. Asset safety does NOT apply to Outposts or Player Owned Stations.

Asset safety can be triggered either by the player or by external factors. You can manually activate the feature by selecting items in their asset view, right clicking on them, and selecting “move to asset safety.” The feature is also automatically triggered on all of a player’s assets in a citadel if that citadel is unanchored or destroyed. This feature applies to ALL assets in the structure, including Supercarriers and Titans!

Personal Asset Safety Window

Image credit: CCP

Once the mechanism is triggered, the assets are locked for 5 days. The assets can be seen in the “Safety” tab of the Assets window. After this waiting period has lapsed, a player can choose to have these assets delivered to any NPC station, Outpost, or Citadel in the same system. What if you no longer have docking permission with a corporation, and there are no NPC stations?

Should the assets remain unmoved 20 days after the mechanism is triggered, they will be automatically delivered to a nearby station. If the structure was in high sec, the assets are delivered to the nearest high sec station, by AU. If the structure was in low or null sec, the assets are delivered to the nearest low sec station. Note that this automatic delivery costs 15% of the estimated value of the assets.

Wormhole space is the only unsafe exception to this feature. After the 20 day period has elapsed, the assets are dropped in a container on the location of the previously anchored structure. This container is open for anyone to loot, not only the rightful owner.

What does this mean for me?

If you have been removed from a null sec alliance, you can manually activate asset safety. Your items will be delivered to the nearest low sec station in just 20 days. Triggering asset safety does not require docking privileges, and can be done remotely. This means you can live in null sec without fearing for your possessions, or being forced into a deeply discounted fire sale.

It bears restating that asset safety only applies to Citadels and Engineering Complexes, NOT Outposts. If you live in null sec, make sure that your valuables are stored in one of these structures. They are very common, and you should have no trouble finding a suitable home base.

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