Playing since 2008, it has always been my goal to learn how to make EVE Online ISK. I have always sought out strategies to make ISK quickly and with as little effort as possible.

The first guide I published was on how to station trade, a well guarded secret in EVE. This is because station traders are in direct competition with one another. By sharing this guide, I directly created competition for myself. However, I felt it selfish to hog the market and deny this easy source of EVE Online ISK to so many other players.

Throughout the years, I have tried almost every strategy around to make EVE Online ISK. Some have proven effective, but many have failed. I strive to publish guides about only the best ISK making strategies, for any level of EVE player. This includes everyone from Alpha clones taking their first jumps, to veterans looking to fund their activities.

It is my hope that you can learn something new when reading the site. If you have any suggestions for new guides, or concerns, feel free to mail JustCallMeDaddy in game, or email [email protected] You can also find links to my Twitter and YouTube channel on the site. I am always happy to answer questions, or field requests from players!



Toxicity959 has been playing EVE Online since 2008. Through years of trial and error, he has tested strategies for making EVE Online ISK to bring you only the most effective techniques to making ISK with as little effort as possible.

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